Mary Metcalf

As an avid cyclist, my design work is often inspired by nature and the calm outdoor setting of Idyllwild, California. I work from “Back Porch Studio” in the San Jacinto mountains on Strawberry Creek.

I have worked for twelve years as a graphic designer and web developer. I co-founded a boutique bike company and created all marketing and branding for the brand, Siren Bicycles before selling it. I marketed custom bikes to endurance racers, especially women, who were looking for a high-end performance bike.

I also worked at Idyllwild Arts Foundation, a local boarding arts high school, to create some cutting-edge technological marketing pieces. I started a podcast, created a mobile site and spearheaded a site redesign. I also pioneered a live streaming channel, which is still active, for the school to showcase their performing arts.

I co-founded a local bike shop, attracting discerning customers from Los Angeles to San Diego to Canada. The bike shop market reach was pretty far geographically because of the groundwork I laid with the custom bike company, including racing from Canada to Mexico and starring in a documentary about this race. I helped to establish the shop as a leading source for custom bike work, bikepacking, specialty maintenance and world-class riding.